We’re not just tutors; we’re mentors, guides, and partners on your educational journey. With a passion for math and science, our experienced team is committed to helping students of all levels reach their full potential.
Ima Abia
Ima Abia, President and Founder of Metutel, LLC, has been educating New York City students since 2010. Ima began her career as a private math tutor after earning a B.A. degree in mathematics at UPenn and an M.S. from New York University’s Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences. She founded Metutel in 2012 with the aim of sharing her passion for math and science with more and more students by providing excellent tutoring, custom curriculum materials, and individualized support in executive functioning skills and test preparation. Ima’s vision is to run a successful learning company that provides the necessary frameworks, skills, and mentoring to empower students to take control of their own learning processes. In cultivating a top-notch educational team, she finds and trains enthusiastic math minds who are able to “teach as tutors.”
Science Instructor
Cammie Grimes
Cammie Grimes is a science tutor based in Brooklyn, NY. After graduating from Dartmouth College in 2021 as a Human Biology major and a Chemistry minor, she has been working as a clinical researcher while honing her tutoring skills. She loves all things related to the natural sciences, and when she’s not tutoring or in a lab, one can find her exploring NYC’s many amazing parks and gardens. As a tutor, she strives to create a supportive environment that encourages students to excel.
Math Instructor
Catherine Declemente
Catherine DeClemente received her B.S. in finance from SUNY Oswego and her MBA from Baruch College.  After working several years in the private sector, she decided to channel her passion for math into one-on-one work with students. Since 2014, she has been a Metutel tutor, continuing to educate and empower young people through math. Catherine makes a point of introducing challenging concepts through smaller steps and helps her students find ways of relating to the material so that it “clicks,” building confidence and enthusiasm along the way toward understanding. Outside of work, Catherine enjoys kickboxing and spends time traveling whenever and wherever she can.